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SLYRS Single Malt Whiskey Fifty-One

I arrived home today, weary from another Chaotic week, and it's only Thursday. We had just announced to the entire team that they were to work from home, indefinitely, in an attempt to protect them and their families, and slow the spread of COVID-19. As I walked through the door, into the empty house, I noticed a box sitting on the table. The box didn't say "Amazon" on it. What could it be?!

I sat down my bag and went over to investigate. When I saw the shipping label, I squealed with delight. Suddenly thankful that my wife and kids weren't around to hear me, I composed myself and cut open the box. Inside, I found an adorable little 350ml bottle of whiskey. It was the SLYRS Single Malt that I had special ordered from Germany last month as part of my Around the world in 12 whiskeys project.. It had taken weeks to arrive, and it was finally here! What a fantastic way this would be to celebrate the opportunity to spend the next few weeks working from home!

The aroma is mild, and slightly nutty, with a sweetness that hints at maple, but leaves me unable to draw a comparison. I love spicy whiskeys, and the SLYRS didn't disappoint me. It is smooth, well balanced with the spicy characteristics. Like the aroma, the flavors are light. The malty notes are not overstated, and it finishes with a lingering sweetness. The SLYRS Single Malt Fifty-One is an enjoyable sipping whiskey that would pair well with a fancy dinner.

February's whiskey ended up encroaching on the Ides of March, but it was worth the wait. I'll take some time to enjoy the SLYRS while I wait for the next whiskey of Around the world in 12 whiskeys to arrive. If you decide to try the SLYRS Single Malt Fifty-One, use the button at the top of the page to follow me on twitter and let me know what you think!

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